Monday, February 8, 2010

Gumby Love

I just wanted to make sure you all know, as I am pretty sure you do, that even though we aren't at the same place in our relationship as the mother child relationship with Curly and Smiles, I do love this little one. I love her so much more than any other child that I did not birth myself. We learn more about each other everyday and we grow that bond all the time. I no longer feel like I am taking care of someone's child. She is mine.

While I know that other adoptive parents do understand what I am talking about, I wanted to make sure that those that haven't adopted know that- while we aren't there, we are certainly progressing in the process. And the process is already totally worth every part of the relationship gained.

I figured you all knew that, but I had to make sure. (And really, who couldn't love that face?)


MoonDog said...

that face is darling. and I felt like a caregiver for quite a while and one day I realized I would lay down my life for these two without thinking twice and I am theirs and they are mine every since. I am just Mama. I dont think about 'attachment' I just take care of them. its a lovely place to be. and MUCH preferable to waiting out the days to when you can give up.

Bethany said...

OMG she is soo cute!!

Jenilee said...

she is precious. I don't understand the feelings you are having because I've never been there, but I can imagine the process that is involved. I love hearing about your journey and reading your openness about something so personal. it is an honor to read your story because you are doing something that so many would never do. God bless!

Mom said...

I'm so glad she is part of our family. She is just amazing.