Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things They Can Check Off Their Lists...

Be really cute.

Be silly with Mom.

Snuggle cute baby sister.

Watch a few movies from the library.

 Dance on the mattress that Curly brought out to the dining room while singing into a toy nail.

Be "cheesy" while baking.

Lick a knife...just to make Gramps proud.

"Cook" on the couch and be really cute while doing it.

Sneak in a bite of the cookies we are decorating WHILE SITTING ON GRANDMA'S LAP!  Way to stop him Grandma!

All have a try at Grandma's glasses.

Be stealth and sneaky on Curly's top bunk. (With Mommy and Daddy right there.)

 Play with the new fire truck from Christmas in the hall.

 Play with the baby Grandma knitted for me.

Win Mommy's heart again and again.

Learn to sit alone.

Decide that cars should be played with in the window sill and do it every. single. day.

Keep on rockin the drool.

Play with sister. (big or little depending on who you are)

Sort colors and stuff...oh wait, I'm only 8 months old.

Learn to crawl.

I. Have. No. Clue.

Be the coolest thing to hit Grandma's coffee table since sliced bread.

 Feed the baby with your bare hands.

...then proceed to run away like you just did something life threatening.

Yep.  They've been checking lots of stuff off their to do lists.  I hope you are all being as productive.


Crystal said...

I love the pictures! They are adorable--the pictures and the kids!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing smiles to my heart today!!!
I love spending time watching your kids grow.
Love your sister in Christ, Tracey

Gramps said...

A great big "THANK YOU" from Gramps & GG