Saturday, November 27, 2010


I am reflecting, Gumby girl.  I am reflecting on you.  Just a year ago we were preparing to meet your beautiful face.  I would say this Thanksgiving is the most thankful one that we have had.  We've been blessed with two new daughters and a whole lot of lessons in the things that matter.  Gumby, last year I had no clue what I was getting myself into!  No clue the work that God was about to do in my life and the lives of our family.  You are changing me.  God has used you to change me.

My daughter, you have taught me more about unconditional love than any other human being I've ever met.  You love, dear girl.  You love without discrimination, you love without holding back, you love the way that our Lord loves.  You show me daily what it means to love.  You share and spread joy to everyone that passes blessedly by your glance.  And you impress me.  You do not accept rejection.  That is so profound to me.  When I realized that seemingly small thing, I was dwelling on it for weeks.  You do not accept rejection, you continually love when the rest of us would shut the door.  You love as God loves.  You love based on existence, not based on anything else... and you don't care if you are loved back.  And you know what?  Your heart always wins them over.  You love the socks off of them until they realize that they can't walk away from you... and they can't help but love you back.

And power.  You taught me the true power of love.  Love changes people, it truly changes lives.  It is natural for me to love Curly, Smiles, and Baby...but you, well, that wasn't natural.  And we've grown it, we've grown love for one another, we're still growing love and we are learning how to really live as family, as mother and daughter.  You changed and grew so much in our first months home, and you still do.  Your growth is rapid, it is amazing.  You amaze me.  You have changed the hearts of our family, each and every member.  You've changed hearts in our community.  You brought love to our lives.

Darling girl, you sing so sweetly.  I love the moments when you think nobody can hear and you sing your precious songs.  I can't wait to hear more of that!  Your words are developing so nicely and I am anxious to have clear verbal communication with you.

Yep.  A year ago, I had no clue.  To be honest, I knew I had no clue...I just didn't know how far my cluelessness went.  Really, I'm pretty sure that I still don't have much of an idea of what I was getting into.  But I have years to learn all of that, and I am content to spend those years slowly learning all that you have to teach me.  I thank your Father for sending you to us.  I thank Him for keeping you the first nearly five years and growing you perfectly in His own two hands.  I am far from a perfect Mommy, but the four of you are patient teachers.  I appreciate your grace.

To say that we are the blessed half of this mix is a meager description at best.  Your effect on this family is eternal.

I love you sweet Gumby girl.



Stefanie said...

Very nice post! Hope things are going well for you!

Vicky said...

Part of me keeps thinking, "has it really been a year already?! Wow, it's flown by!" But then another part of me thinks, "It's only been a year?! I feel like she's been a part of your family soooo much longer!" The ways she has grown and changed... and changed US along the way... are incredible.

Yes, Miss Gumby, you are an incredible blessing. You have snuggled your way into my heart and forever changed my life.

Your "Vika" :)