Monday, April 12, 2010


Sure, it's been silent here...we've been busy staring up at the clouds.

...ummm, right......

OR- I've been busy making tons of frozen meals, going to doctor's appointments for number 4 and "Little Miss Giardia", reasearching and switching to cloth diapers for Smiles and soon to be added number 4, cleaning like mad (otherwise known as nesting), and just plain keeping you from a certain hormonal rage infested female who was hibernating from everyone in order to protect and preserve relationships.

You can take your pick and go with whatever you prefer to believe.

(And though Handsome tells me that my lens had some icky stuff on it, he's wrong.  It's my windows that need to be cleaned...not my lens.  Clearly the nesting hasn't gone so far as the windows...if that was the answer you went with.)

1 comment:

Mom said...

Don't bother cleaning the windows. At your house they will only stay clean for about 30 seconds. Your windows are well within reach of all your small children, and they are attractive to fingerprints and nose smudges.