Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Third.

Today is November 3rd.

I wanted to remind those of you that have been around awhile, and share with those of you that have started following recently of some special people.

November third of last year I got an instant message in the morning from a good friend's husband. It was not a good message. It was a panic stricken message asking for immediate prayer on behalf of his wife and daughters. November third was the day that Allison Anne and Emily Nicole were born. November third was the day that Allison left the arms of her earthly father for the arms of her Heavenly Father. November third is a day for difficult memories. Especially for this Mommy. Emily Nicole shared a short 8 days with her parents before joining her sister. My thoughts are heavy with Brie today. Not only must she face this day, but also the 11th. Two girls. Two days to live through. But really, there are all the other days that come before and after these days to live through as well.

I wanted to share today so that Allison and Emily will not be forgotten. A short life does not mean one that has to go unknown.

Allison will always be a strong little girl in my mind. The things that happened could have gone so much differently. At 18 weeks into the pregnancy, Allison's amniotic sac broke. This is not a good thing and it was surprising that she didn't loose the babies at that time. Allison had a rough time in the womb, but she stuck it out from 18 weeks, to 26 1/2 weeks. I like to think that she was able to make it that long so that her sister could make it to the point of viability as well. Emily gave her parents 8 days. 8 days to love her, to see her with their eyes 8 days that I hope were somewhat of a comfort. 8 days that were rough for her little body as well. What a strong baby girl!

In times like this it is easy to blame tragic circumstances on God. Really He is not to blame. We live in a world where men gave up their right to reign. WE gave Satan rule, not God. While He is able to step in and stop whatever He chooses, it is not He who makes the bad things happen. It is hard for us to understand (actually impossible) why He chooses to "fix" the things He chooses to "fix" and why He chooses to leave other things as they would heart-breakingly be.

I wish that He had given life on Earth with their parents for many years to these two girls, but can still see the gift that He did give even if it wasn't the one that was desired. It was miraculous that they lived from 18 weeks (when they wouldn't have lasted moments outside the womb), to 26 1/2 weeks where they were able to spend time with their parents and be held and touched. I can't know the feelings of their parents by any scope of the imagination, but believe that those moments were better than none at all. That those moments are still memories of their daughters that they are able to have. Sad moments that hurt the heart and stain this day, but pictures that they have to look at when they think about their girls. Moments that are probably flooding their minds today.

Please say a prayer for this sweet Mama today. And if you have a moment, please head over to Brie's blog and leave a note telling her that her girls are not forgotten. Perhaps just a word saying that you are praying for her today might be a small comfort.

If you would like to read the full story of Brie's baby girls from last year, click here.

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Brie said...

Thank you for this Amber. It means so much. Love you.